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China Automobile Rental Market To See A CAGR of 21 Percent Through 2014 – 2019

Research Beam adds a report titled In-Depth Survey on China Automobile Rental Market, 2014 The report combines data derived on the basis of the existing market practice in the automobile rental industry across China. The description and the extensive analysis conducted by the research indicates that the automobile rental market in China would observe a CAGR of 21 percent through 2014 to 2019. Prepared, based on the inputs of eminent industry experts the report offers special focus on the government regulations, policy reformations, certain purchase restrictions as well as demand for new-energy cars that have fuelled the robust progress of the aforementioned industry.

Furthermore, the report presents accurate data by analysing the automobile rental segment in terms of description, vehicle types and regions to aid companies chalk out an effective expansion plan. The study further takes a closer look at the historic data and current market environment by evaluating the development prospects, reforms that revived certain business opportunities and rental policies prevalent at different regions in China providing strong guarantee for the advancement of the aforementioned industry. For better understanding, the report also takes in account the factors restraining the development, continuous drop of the macroeconomic environment and the overall weakness of the car rental enterprises.

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Additionally, evaluation of the strengths, analysis of the observations in the light of emerging trends in China and profiles of top automobile rental companies offers a broader context to the business investors planning to expand automobile rental business and design efficient marketing strategies. To top it all business investor seeking information on car rental segment on respondent cities, qualification requirements and car rental market changes in China would find the report beneficial.


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