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Toshibas new storage device would revolutionize the data center providing a boost to Global and Chinese Enterprise Hard Disk Drives (HDD) Industry

Toshiba Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation has remained at the forefront of the storage industry in terms of desktop and laptop hard disc drives (HDD). Recently, Toshiba displayed the benefits of its Ethernet-connected object storage drives at OpenStack Summit 2015. The software solution is an advanced category of server. The server integrates in an industry-standard, 3.5-inch form factor, compute, networking (Gigabit Ethernet) and storage. The whole set is enabled by a new Linux platform that will enable the device so that it runs the software called ‘next generation of software-defined storage applications’ by Toshiba.

Such a software solution has a far reaching implication for the global and Chinese Enterprise Hard Disk Drives (HDD) industry since the scenario that exists is that of HDD becoming the new server. Such a solution could allow data centers to provide a set of scale-out object advanced storage features.

From the perspective of the marketing analysts, adding features such as that of compute and networking aids in maintaining profit margins and further simplifies the overall calculation of total cost of ownership (TCO) and the infrastructure needed. It calls commodity servers used for storage management. The company managed to produce two products that showcased its marketing skills in terms of storage capacity. The other product launched by the company is the Canvio 3TB. It is an external 2.5-inch hard disk drive, and can envelop four 750GB platters in a tiny 15mm drive using the technology called ‘perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR).

Late last year, the company launched a 6TB hard disk drive that could virtually squeezed the memory size of six 1TB platters without using any helium gas or using any expensive technology. 

The Canvio 3TB could have a storage capacity to 4TB after switching to SMR, known as shingles resulting in the increase in storage density to about 40 percent.. Most global enterprise drives already do encryption to facilitate inline de-duplication and real-time compression of data.
There are many reports in the market which tracks the development of the Hard Disk Drives (HDD) Industry along with the current and future market trends. One such report is added by Prof Research Reports titled “”. The report offers comprehensive analysis of key market drivers and restraints, business strategies of main market players and the future growth prospects through 2019.


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