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Market Analyst Exploring The Option Of Bio-Alcohols Being Used As A Fuel

Global Bio-alcohols Market 2015-2019 that provides latest market trends and opportunities. The report offers detailed analysis of the Bio-alcohols Market.

Biologically produced alcohols, are produced by the action of microorganisms and enzymes through the fermentation of sugars or starches or cellulose. The most common bio-alcohols are ethanol, and less commonly used are propanol and butanol to power automobiles running on gasoline. Biobutanol (also called biogasoline) is often considered to be a direct replacement for gasoline, because internal combustion gasoline engines can use it without major alteration. Ethanol fuel is the most common biofuel worldwide, particularly in Brazil most often as a gasoline additive. Corn ethanol is made mostly in the United States of America. Although bio-fuel alcohols are mostly the same chemical – ethanol – there are different methods for producing the stuff. Cane and corn ethanol are the most common ingredients since these ingredient are so sugar-rich.

At present cellulosic ethanol is emerging as a promising option since these are produced from wood, grasses, or the inedible parts of plants. Alcohols characterized by longer carbon chains like the compound butanol are even more promising and would better fit with the current fuel distribution infrastructure. Lignocellulosic biomass, especially when considered as a waste material is recognized as an useful commodity since it ca be used in the production of biofuels, however the critics are skeptical about its use since the fermentation process carried out by microorganism is not efficient. 

There are many studies done by market analyst exploring the option of bio-alcohols being used as a fuel. Recently, Research Beam has added a report titled “Global Bio-alcohols Market 2015-2019”. The report offers a comprehensive insight into the current and future market trends, market segmentation and forecast and business profile of key market players in regions such as APAC, Europe, and North America.

Prominent companies profiled in the report are: Cargill, Genomatica, BioAmber and Myriant

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