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About Us PR Linker

PR Linker is a global institution for online press release distribution and press release submission service. The website helps small, medium and large scale organizations.
Our network provides digital marketers in organisations to publish content that cuts through clutter, establish symbiotic relationship with prospective clients. PR Linker provides an objective and holistic approach to the content you publish by delivering it to the right people and at the right time across diverse media platforms. Our free publishing service offering comes with lots of added features such as up to 2 hyperlinks with the releases and Image (Logo) of your company that would certainly help companies boost their content marketing strategy.
The network’s PR website supports multimedia press releases and offers an integration of traditional PR and search engine optimisation services. The company offers the following services:
>It offers SEO Rich Keyword Optimization.
>It provides Keyword clouds and SEO Optimized URL
>Title Optimization and Meta Description Optimization.
>concise Summary with the press release
>Free Company Listing.
Why Choose Us?

  •   We use effective management tools strategically to add relevance and boost ROI.
  •   We emphasise on transparent and controlled messaging system.
  •   Our marketing methodologies make sure you obtain maximum value.
  •   We help you plan best practices and remodel your strategy for the future.
  •   We help you build the best media pitch