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Detailed Research and Forecast of China Automotive Non-woven Market, 2014-2018: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide” Forecast and Trend Analysis by a Report on Research Beam

Research Beam adds a report titled Research and Forecast of China Automotive Non-woven Market, 2014-2018. The report mentions that the growth rate of automotive non-woven industry to be at least 15% with the market demand to increase up to 1.25 billion square meters by 2018.

The report offers a comprehensive overview of the current and future market growth prospects and the competitive analysis of top market players. The study provides deep insight into supply and demand analysis of major manufacturers in China and along with their sales volume and revenue margins. The report offers growth prospects of the automotive non-woven industry and enumerates the key drivers of the industry in different geographical regions.

The study further provides valuable data and statistics on the growth of domestic automobiles and how that would offer momentum to the China Automotive non-woven market.

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Some of the companies profiled in this report are Guangdong JOFO Enterprises Co ltd, Dalian Ruiguang Nonwoven Group Co., Ltd, China Automotive Interior Decoration Holdings Limited, Shanghai Shenda Company Ltd. and Zhejiang New Zhongtian Holdings Group Co., Ltd. The report is a useful guide to all stakeholders including major investors to get a glimpse into the technological innovations and marketing strategies.

The report offers macroeconomic forecast in terms of external environmental analysis of the market and economic reforms in China and how that would drive the demand of automotive non-woven market


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