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26. Strategic Directions to gain high share in Internet of Things (IoT) and Wireless Networks: Technologies, Business Drivers, and Market Outlook


The world is moving beyond standalone devices into a new era where everything is connected. The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to uniquely identifiable objects (things) and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure. Stated differently, the concept involves the notion that there are many things (assets, objects, etc.) in the world that may be addressed/labeled/cataloged for various purposes. The Internet is associated with and mapped to the real world by attaching object tags with URLs as meta-objects to tangible objects or locations.

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In addition to the wireless technologies that make connecting different things possible, there are wide number of technologies that gain benefit from the IoT or support it. Since the technology of IoT will have an unlimited number of devices there will many of technologies evolved whether to deploy, manage or even identify things. This research addresses the business drivers, technologies and future outlook for the Internet of Things (IoT) with an emphasis on business opportunities, industry sectors, and leading applications. The report includes analysis of leading sectors to adopt IoT: Connected Homes, Connected Vehicles, and Industrial Internet. The report also includes analysis of key issues and success factors for the long-term success of IoT. Purchasers of this report at the Team License or higher level will also receive an enterprise license of the following company-specific reports at no additional cost: Internet of Things (IoT) Leaders: Intel Internet of Things (IoT) Leaders: Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Leaders: Cisco Internet of Things (IoT) Leaders: Qualcomm.

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Table Of Contents
1 Introduction 13 
1.1 Defining IoT 13 
1.2 Embedded Systems and IoT 15 
1.3 Ubiquitous Computing 17 
1.4 Teleoperation and IoT 18 
1.5 IoT Industry Groups 20 
1.6 IoT Communication Protocols and Standards 23 
1.6.1 Many Organizations and Many Standards Efforts 24

2 Underlying Technologies Supporting IoT 32 
2.1 Connected Devices 33 
2.2 Macro Area Wireless: Cellular 35 40 
4.2 Key Trends 44 
2.3 Macro Area Wireless: Non-cellular 46 
2.4 Short Range Wireless 48

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2.5 Internet Protocol version Six (IPv6) 55 
2.6 Sensors and Detection Technologies 57 
2.7 Data Storage/Management 61 
2.8 APIs and Data Integration 61 
2.9 Machine-to-Machine (M2M) 61 
2.10 Wearable Wireless and Computing 63 
2.11 Augmented Reality and Media 65 
2.12 Big Data, Predictive Analysis, and Business Intelligence 67 
2.13 IoT and Cloud Technologies/Solutions 68

3 IoT in Industry Verticals 71 
3.1 Retail 71 
3.2 Smart Cities 74 
3.3 Healthcare 75 
3.4 Transportation 79 
3.5 Supply Chain Management 80 
3.6 Environmental Control 80 
3.7 Power Management 81 
4.IoT and Connected Homes 83 
4.1 Opportunities and Obstacles 87 
4.2 Residential Applications 87

5 IoT and Connected Cars 96 
5.1 Connected Devices in Vehicles 98 
5.2 Connected Automotive Apps 100

6.IoT and the Industrial Internet 109 
6.1 Energy Control 111 
6.2 Facilities Control 112 
6.3 Teleoperation and Telerobotics 114 
6.4 Smart Manufacturing 114

7 Key Evolutionary Trends Driving IoT 117 
7.1 Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device Access 117 
7.2 Increased Emphasis on Non-human Communications 117 
7.3 Convergence and Integration of Many Things 118 
7.4 Open Networks and Interfaces 120

7.5 Ubiquitous Wireless Access and Connectivity 121 
7.6 Ambient Intelligence: Self-aware Networks and Devices 121

8 Key Issues to the Long-term Success of IoT 123 
8.1 Device and Interface Interoperability 123 
8.2 Openness: Interfaces, Standards, and More 123 
8.3 Ease of Configuration and Administration 124

9 Appendix 125 
9.1 Security and Privacy in IoT 125 
9.2 Leading Companies Driving IoT 129 
9.3 IoT and Unstructured (9.4 IoT and the Cloud 151 
9.5 IoT, DaaS, and APIs (Telecom and Enterprise) 152

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