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Travel and Tourism in South Africa will offer momentum to the economic growth through 2018


South Africa’s abundant natural resources and rich cultural heritage makes it a global destination for tourist. Travel and tourism segment was buoyant amid the review period of 2009-2013. The South African government has increased the flow of funds and step up promotion on the tourism in the past few years. Government officials opine that South Africa would soon come under top 20 destination for tourists globally. The government is increasingly interested in boosting up tourism and travel sector primarily for jobs creation and the sector’s role in the South Africa economic recovery.

The travel and tourism sector is a multifaceted industry that contributes directly or indirectly to a variety of economic sectors. The aforementioned market is considered to be labor-intensive industry with the larger role in job creation.

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Some of the constraints faced by the market are various issues such as chronic corruption, safety of the tourists, economic instability, and inadequate infrastructure which can hamper tourism. And some unforeseen factors such as epidemic outbreak. Government is very instrumental in addressing the above challenges.

Although there are many challenges that Sub-Saharan African countries face regarding international tourism, the future still holds great potential. Recently, Research Beam has added a report titled “Travel and Tourism in South Africa to 2018”. The report offers detailed market analysis of key drivers, market shares, current and future market trends related to tourism spending in various African countries.

The report offers insights into detailed forecast of inbound domestic and outbound tourist flows in various segments of Travel and Tourism market in South Africa. Based on the tourist spending, the report segments the market into sightseeing and entertainment, accommodation, foodservice, retail, transportation travel intermediaries among others.

In spite of the numerous challenges that Sub-Saharan African countries face related to travel and tourism, the future holds great promise as opined by market analysts.

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