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Terms & Conditions PR Linker

PRLinker Terms of Use
Last Updated: April 18, 2015
PRLinker (PRLinker, “we “, “our” or “us”) operates and promotes this site and provides its site subject of the below mentioned Terms of Use (at times abbreviated as “TOU”)
All citations in these Terms of Use to the “Website” are supposed to refer to the site that audience are visiting, in conjunction with all services , processes and functionality available by  way of this website.

Audience use of, or any section thereof, aggregates their binding affirmation of these “Terms of Use “  

If an online visitor is accessing this website in their own capacity as an employer, employee or else ways as an agent or representative of a different entity, they hereby acknowledge that they are legally accredited to serve on behalf of such entity. Additionally, in that capacity the visitor affirms that the entity he/she represents will be constrained by these “Terms of Use”. The visitor further warrants that he/she is of the legal age to enter into such binding contract and agrees that there are no legal reason why should deny his access to the website.
As may amend certain “TOU” from time and again without prior notice, we allege our visitors to carefully read all the terms from time to time to make sure they are at par with their current authority and responsibilities. Amendments made to the “ PR Linker” , “ Terms Of Use” are brought to effect immediately after we make the modified “TOU”,  available not denying the possibility that the user may poses the earlier version cache on their browser. The “Terms of Use” that’s applicable are the fresh version of our “TOU” that’s always available on a non –cache browser.  

Visitors, who continue to access the website after the amendments of these “Terms of Use “have been made, acknowledge their binding of the revised “TOU”.  If, at any point, “Terms of Use “are no longer agreeable by the visitor, they should cease accessing the website with immediate effect.  In inclusion to the site’s “TOU, certain solutions or products offered or for use or purely sales through are completely subjected to its own terms and conditions. Please make sure you review each applicable terms when buying or accessing such services.

Standard Rules of Conduct

Visitors using the website are bound by all state, national, as well as international rules, regulations and laws. They affirm to adhere and follow all these rules and regulations and laws such as intellectual property rights, slandering, privacy and exportation of exchange of data.

Visitors agree that they will not indulge or help any third party to indulge, in any of the below mentioned points;

  •  Intervene another user’s privacy  of the website
  •  Other than as absolutely mentioned herein or made available elsewhere on , exchange , reproduce ,fabricate ,duplicate ,scrape or broadcast data offered by “PR Linker “ without the explicit prior consent of “PR Linker”
  •  We do not encourage users to visit “PR Linker “website via authenticated interface or in any unauthorized way.
  •  Take extreme action that enforces an arbitrary or inordinately great burden on “PR Linker “or its infrastructure.
  •  Alter, acclimate, sublicense, market, transcribe, reverse engineer or dismantle any section of the website or make “PR Linker “site accessible via other channel to any third party.
  •  Introduce a robot or use any automatic tools to access, retrieve information, refer or data mine any content from the “PR Linker “website.
  •  Intervene with or interrupt the proper functioning or the security of the “PR Linker “ website or any solutions , activities ,initiatives carried out on or via the “ PR Linker “ website including but not limited to by ‘hacking’ or marring any section of the website .
  •  Introduce or propose any virus or any other programs that can harm or intervene with the working of the “PR Linker” website , any data from the website , any solutions or initiatives carried out on or via the website or any other order or system.
  •  Illicitly precede any content, confidential or private data and intervene with or dismantle any channel associated with the website.

Visitors further affirm that they will not access or use the “PR Linker” website to

  •  Send out bulk e-mail, unwelcomed or duplicative messages, offers, advertisements, invitation e-mail to join or participate in any scheme. We discourage spamming.
  •  Generate profitability for any trade or commercial use.
  •  Distort your self-identity, accreditations, confederations or experience or imitate any individual or entity.
  •  Stalk, abuse or otherwise threaten or interfere with a person’s privileges or privacy.
  •  Offer material assistance or resource in order to mask or misinterpret the nature, demographic location, or the ownership of the material produced, of any company designated by the local, state, country or other bodies as terrorist organizations.

General Information & Data

When using the “PR Linker “website users may be permitted to submit or circulate certain data or content. Users may also receive or browse through data or information submitted or circulated by many other users. These content usually fall under one of the following categories:

  •  Personal or private data – This category typically comprises of your personal or professional data or others.
  •  Data or content – The materials that are generated by the users, PR Linker (comprising of its consumers its contributors) or even from a third party source that introduces information’s, views, info graphics, innovative expressions, icons, assemblage of data, tags and other works.  
  •  Account details – This category comprises of different data crucial to set up an user account, like the user name and the password , contact detail and in certain cases , the credit card details .

Data and Information Submitted By The User

Users affirm that they are entirely responsible for the content or the data they submit to or via the “PR Linker” website.

The users agree and warrant that they will not cite, produce or submit data or content that is

  •  Inappropriate, irrelevant, false or misguiding.
  •  Infringes “ PR Linker’s” or any other individuals or company’s copyright policy , self-possession, patent rights , business secrets or several other proprietary regulations , contract terms of privacy .
  •  Defamatory, disturbing or libelous comprising of the business libel or product or service disparagement.
  •  Content meant to threaten or harass other users and abusive in nature.
  •  Information that are vulgar or offensive or includes links of some external websites that displays sexually explicit content of all kinds.
  •  Unauthorized , unlawful, or hazardous to other users
  •  Otherwise irrelevant to the matter of discussion or circulation of data.

User further affirms and warrant that:

  •   They will represent and submit data that is either new or original and explicitly owned by them or to which they have acquired all the crucial third-party consent and sublicenses.
  •   They will submit content and data for which users have produced copyright notices and affixed necessary third-party permission, as required.
  •   Users have a complete authorization and unrestricted consent to produce and submit all content and data submitted by the users and to affirm all rights conveyed in that data and content.

  Users agree not to produce or submit data:

  •   That violates the nondisclosure terms or different agreement of confidentiality or in contravention of any terms, ordinance, policy, including but not limited to business control, securities, intellectual policy right amongst others.  

 Termination, Removal or Suspension Of User Account

        “PR Linker” reserves the right :

  •   To refuse or delete any data or information for “PR Linker” website in complete or in section.
  •   To suspend or monitor user’s site for account information, if any.
  •   To remove all of the data, files or other information of the user account.
  •   To introduce additional or other general procedures, terms and restrictions in terms of accounts and usage of the website.
  •   To establish technological, operational or additional means available to “PR Linker” to enforce the terms of “Terms Of Use” comprising of denying access by certain IP addresses.